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About E-fisherymart

A New Revolutions & A Game Changer for the SEAFOOD INDUSTRY.

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Fishery Port Development Segregation & Cleaning

Immediate handling of harvested wild fishes from sea to our portable cold store center. Follow with inspection, washing, sorting, grading and butchering of the harvested fish.

Advanced Blast Freezer / Portable Cold Storage

Reduce and halt the biochemical reactions in fish flesh, minimize ice crystal formation in the cells of the flesh. Once frozen, must stored at temp. -20° or below to maintain long shelf life and ensure quality.

Packing Services / Seamless Logistics

Customize according to fish type and customer requirement then shipment by air/sea/truck according to target delivery date.

New Technology : Delivering Freshness . Developed A Engineering Know-how in Rapid Freezing/Storage of Seafood at -30 degree Celsius

  • First in the world to use such technology on refrigerated containers.
  • Reflects solar heat making it cooler inside
  • Reduce energy consumption during storage and transportation.

Benefits for the Fishery Community

  • New technology made export opportunity Possible
  • Create new wealth by engaging new technology and export to International Market.
  • Upgrade skills, New Knowledge, New Technology and engage in E-commence Platform.
  • Provide Total Solutions to fishing industry in processing, preserving, storing, logistics,marketing.

  • To qualified the fishing ports as “Competent Food Source” and “Halal Processing Hub”
  • Improve the standard of living : Increase / Stabilize Fishermen Income.

Recent News

Jun 10,2019

Portable Cold Room For Seafood Business

SPRO Solutions Sdn Bhd (subsidiaries of Efisherymart) serve a local seafood business to provide rental of 1 unit of 40ft Refurbish Reefer in order to store fresh Tiger Prawn. To achieve quality of Tiger prawn supplied, our customer opted to hire our service for portable cold storage.

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Jun 10,2019

New Revolution For The Fishery Industry in Malaysia

Every year, Malaysia government provides over a RM 1 billion on varies subsidies for the fishermen like fuel, catch benefits, allowances, infrastructure, etc.

Instead of benefiting the Malaysia’s economy, it benefited the foreign vessels which hijacked the seafood at a cheap pricing before the seafood could reached Malaysia fishing ports.

The fishermen are not totally at fault, even if they wanted to bring back their seafood, there isn’t any refrigeration facilities back home or ability to process and sell them. This is a serious wastage of subsidies, lack of understanding and knowledge in providing a total solutions to the fishery community.

Efisherymart invented an innovative, disruptive and a game changer method to Refrigerate, Process, Packaging, Logistics, and Marketing ……A Total Solution Provider for the fishery industry.

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