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The meaning of Islamic Cleansing or What is Sertu, Samak, and Semah?

Sertu is a way of purifying from Najis Mughalazah. This Najis comes only from Dogs and Pigs and it’s by-products.

The method of Sertu consists of 7 cycles of the wash where 6 washes are with pure water and 1 wash with soil mixed with water. It is a way to purify from the najis Mughalazah so as to be free from doubt.

The definition of Samak is the act of separating skin from the meat(Animal) by use of sharp equipment or chemical.

Far from the term Semah which is defined as the cleansing of a supernatural or paranormal kind.

Who can do Sertu?

Any Muslim can Sertu. Man or Woman. The method is the same as above.