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Jun 10, 2019 Resource: Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia, Jabatan Peikanan Malaysia

New Revolution For The Fishery Industry in Malaysia

Every year, Malaysia government provides over a RM 1 billion on varies subsidies for the fishermen like fuel, catch benefits, allowances, infrastructure, etc.

Instead of benefiting the Malaysia’s economy, it benefited the foreign vessels which hijacked the seafood at a cheap pricing before the seafood could reached Malaysia fishing ports.

The fishermen are not totally at fault, even if they wanted to bring back their seafood, there isn’t any refrigeration facilities back home or ability to process and sell them. This is a serious wastage of subsidies, lack of understanding and knowledge in providing a total solutions to the fishery community.

Efisherymart invented an innovative, disruptive and a game changer method to Refrigerate, Process, Packaging, Logistics, and Marketing ……A Total Solution Provider for the fishery industry.